Human Resources

To Suceed, an Organization Needs Effective People

People are responsible for the success or failure of an organization! 

People are needed to sell/market; to manage finances; to produce a product; to provide a service. Productive employees literally make the organization succeed. Without them, an organization cannot operate. Would you agree?

Poor employees cause the organization to fail, with: high turnover; wasted selection time; absenteeism; labor disputes; wasted supervisory/training time; wasted employee pay; lowered productivity; wasted materials; costly delays; shrinkage; poor customer service; decreased sales and profits.

To succeed, an organization must select or develop good employees and avoid the poor ones. To succeed as a manager or executive, you must select and develop effective employees. 

Are you consistently getting good employees? Are you able to consistently help employees overcome performance problems? Are your employee costs low?

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