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For over 28 years, our employee test, the Simmons Personal Survey has proven to help Hire and Develop the Best Employees, Raise Productivity, and to Cut Employee Costs!  It is 100% Accurate and has No Adverse Impact!

Hire Top Employees! Develop Employees! Raise Productivity! Cut Employee Costs!

Hire a good employee 99% of the time (for every known job) with much less effort!

Most employees coached with the Survey make changes, do their jobs better, & stay longer!

Increase productivity, product & service quality, production quantity, & sales!

Reduces employee turnover by an average of 78.5%, theft, absenteeism, & labor disputes!

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100% Accuracy!

Simmons Personal Survey

Employee Attitude Survey

Employee Development Book

The most accurate and reliable employee assessment tool!

Features and Report Options

Tests 156 key organizational areas, showing where the problems are, & the solutions!

Helps employees to gain insight, perform their jobs better, & relate better to customers!